7 day 'cherry on the top' camper trip through the Drakensberg Mountains ER 414


7 day 'cherry on the top' camper trip through the Drakensberg Mountains ER 414

If you are a mountain lover and want to make your South African camper trip a memorable one, visit the impressive Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal. The scenery of the Drakensberg or Ukhahlamba is truly breath taking and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This mountain range is the largest in South Africa; the park covers 243,000 hectares and is home to many species of impressive landscapes. The dense forests, mighty mountains and beautiful lakes once formed the inspiration for the setting of "The Lord of The Rings'. So park your camper, put on your hiking boots, and make unforgettable nature walks in the unforgettable Drakensberg Mountains.

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7 day 'cherry on the top' camper trip through the Drakensberg Mountains ER 414


Day 1
Tugela Mouth/Tugela Mouth Resort/Camp site 1 night.

Please come between 8 and 9 am to the camper depot where you can collect your camper van and after all the paperwork has been dealt with and all instructions have been given, you can set off towards the North Coast where you stay tonight in Tugela Mouth Resort.

The part of the KwaZulu-Natal coast north of Durban, between Umhlanga and Tugela Mouth, the North Coast, is also known as the Dolphin Coast or Sugar Coast. The name 'Sugar Coast' is derived from the many sugarcane plantations in this area. It is the frequent sighting of Bottlenose dolphins playing in the Indian Ocean waves that has resulted in the area being called 'The Dolphin Coast'.

The North Coast offers some beautiful places worth visiting, and if you have enough time, it is advisable to take the original coastal road instead of the N2, so you can view the smaller coastal towns. The area also has several nature reserves and beautiful beaches that are often deserted, a few local fishermen here and there, so you can enjoy the tranquillity. Be careful with swimming and water sports. Always ask whether there are shark nets placed or perhaps you can find a tidal pool on the beach.

You will spend your first night in the Tugela Mouth Resort, 90 km north of Durban, where you can prepare yourself for the mountains and polish your hiking boots!

Day 2-3 Drakensberg Mountains/Injisuthi camp site/Camping 2 nights.

Today you proceed towards the Drakensberg Mountains; there are a few places on earth with such beauty as the Drakensberg Mountains and the beautiful Ukhahlamba Dragon Mountain National Park. The landscape consists of the highest mountains of South Africa and the Kilimanjaro, alternating with deep valleys with some beautiful waterfalls and is a largely untouched wilderness. In the park you find hiking trails for all different levels and you can also go horse riding, fishing or playing golf.

The Drakensberg Mountain range consists of three sections: the Northern, Central and Southern Drakensberg Mountains. In the North there are the Amphitheatre and the Tugela Falls. The Amphitheatre is an 8 km long crescent flanked by two peaks, the Sentinel (3165 m) and the Eastern Butress (3047m). In between is the narrow Tugela Falls. With a length of 948 m, this is the second highest waterfall in the world. The Tugela River is just one of five major rivers, including the Orange River, which rises in the Mont-aux-Sources (3282 m).

The central part of the Drakensberg Mountains is dominated by the northern Cathedral Peak and Giants Castle and Kamberg Nature Reserve in the southerly part. The Giant's Castle Nature Reserve (southern), Kamberg (southern) and Didima (near Cathedral Peak). There are various walks to caves with San rock paintings. On average these walks will take two to three hours. Around Rosetta there are several shops and farms that sell handmade products.

The Southern Drakensberg Mountains are perhaps the 'roughest' of the three areas. The secluded, winding, rough and dazzling 'Sani Pass is the highest in South Africa, he climbs from 1200 to 2874 m

The Drakensberg Mountains is a remnant of the original African plateau. These are covered by a layer of basalt up to 1,500 feet thick, with an underlying layer of sandstone. This has resulted in a combination of very steep blocks and spikes. In the sandstone layer are caves, many of which bear rock paintings by the San.

Your Injisuthi rest camp is in the northern section of the Giant's Castle area of the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park. This hutted camp is cradled between the Injisuthi and Cowl Fork rivers at the head of the Injisuthi Valley. It is surrounded by magnificent scenery and is dominated by Cathkin Peak, Monk's Cowl and Champagne Castle. There are interesting walks into the Mdedelo Wilderness Area, as well as a guided walk to the Battle Cave, famous for its bushman rock art. So put on your hiking boots! Several kilometres of trout waters provide an excellent opportunity for fly fishing. Enjoy your two nights here.

Day 4-5 Royal Natal National Park/Mahai camp site/Camping site 2 nights.

Are you ready for your next spectacular nights in the majestic Drakensberg Mountains? For the coming two nights your home will be the Mahai Camp in the stunning Royal Natal National Park.

This park lies in the northern section of the Drakensberg Mountains, in the green bowl of the famous Amphitheatre and with spectacular views of the tumbling Tugela Falls. Nestled among yellow wood forests and Protea savannah where, after a fierce summer thunderstorm, the rumble of the Thukela River can be heard below, you will be exposed to some of the most awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and hiking to be experienced in this area of flawless natural beauty.

Mahai is a beautifully situated camp site nestled along the Mahai River with magnificent mountains forming the backdrop. Half the sites have electric plug points and barbecue stands, and the non-electrified section share barbecue facilities. All sites have shared cold water taps. Mahai camp site is serviced by modern ablution blocks with hot baths and showers, flush toilets, laundry machines and dishwashing facilities.

Young boys selling local handicrafts near parks and on the road sides are a common site in the Drakensberg Mountains. Most of these articles are made from Gashu, the weaving grass. This art form is passed from mother to daughter and the products made out of this make a beautiful present back home.

Gate times: Summer (01 October - 31 March) 05:00 - 19:00. Winter (01 April - 30 September) 06:00 - 18:00.

Day 6
Golden Gate National Park/Glen Reenen camp site/Camping 1 night.

The last day of your holiday you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the Free State at the foot of the Maluti Mountains which separates the Kingdom of Lesotho with South Africa.

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Maluti Mountains lies the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The park derives its name from the brilliant shades of gold cast by the sun on the park's incredible sandstone cliffs. The Glen Reenen camp sites are on beautiful shaded grounds and have barbecue facilities, a scullery and power points in ablution block.

Activities in the park include short nature trails varying from 1 hour to 5 hours (no bookings required), game viewing at leisure in own vehicles, guided excursions and/or night drives. If you feel brave jump on the small Basotho ponies and let them guide you through the stunning nature.

Think of visiting the Basotho Cultural Village which resembles an 18th century Basotho Village. The surroundings take you back from the pathway of previous times to the modern days, here the Basotho lifestyle, architectural and hospitality is the order of the day.

Or drive to Clarens, the jewel of the Eastern Free State. Clarens is an artist's haven with many well-known artists either living in or frequenting the village on a regular basis with many art galleries and restaurants scattered around the village square. The town is also known for the many art and craft shops which will offer you a wide range of curios and original artwork. Another feature which adds to the picturesque atmosphere of the village is the many sandstone buildings.

Day 7 Camper depot Johannesburg.

And so your Drakensberg Mountains' adventurous journey is almost coming to an end. Enjoy your last few hours in nature before you return your camper before 4 pm please. We hope you had a great time in this fascinating country and wish you a safe journey home.

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