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Navi Single cab 2 Berth 4x4

Explore South(ern) Africa in this compact 4x4 camper which has been designed for two adults. The vehicle has a comfortable double bed, outside shower and toilet. In the evening you can easily pop up the roof yourself for more space. Cooking is also possible as the camper has a small kitchenette where you can prepare your meals in the bush. Come find out for yourself!

Suitable for: 2 people

Price from ZAR 1.088,00

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2.5TD (reisnr. FWD-C050)

The Toyota Hilux DC is one of the most affordable 4x4 vehicles to hire for your self-drive though Southern Africa. Suitable for either two or four people. The vehicle offers space and comfort. At night you will sleep in the tent(s) on the roof - right under the stars! The vehicle is fully equipped and includes a fridge/freezer, matress(es), sleeping bags, gas cooker, a water container and complete kitchen set.

Suitable for : 2 or 4 people


Price from ZAR 1.487,00

Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series Double Cab (resinr. FWD-C048)

This Toyota Land Cruiser is completely equipped for either 2 or 4 people. Included in the camp equipment is: one or two rooftop tents, sleeping bags and pillows, a fridge/freezer and cooking equipment. You can comfortable travel with four people in this vehicle and there will be enough space for your personal lugage. Are you looking for a reliable 4x4 vehicle to discover the beautiful landscapes of Southern Africa then this Toyota Land Cruiser will be an excellent option!

Suitable for: 2 or 4 people

Price from ZAR 1.995,00