Travel documents

You have booked and paid for your (4 x 4) camper rental or complete trip. You have received notice that you will receive your travel documents about 2 weeks before departure. What will be included?

- Vouchers with all parts you booked in chronological order

- Directions to the camper depot and, if applicable to accommodations and/or campsites.

- If you booked a camper or car trip: a google map from place to place (please note: the google maps only gives you an indication of the route)

- Address and phone numbers of the camper depot, accommodations and/or campsites.

- E-tickets, if applicable

- Vouchers for car rental

- Reservation numbers SANParks and some other suppliers

Upon receipt of the rental car or (4 x 4) camper you can ask for maps. Often these are already present in the vehicle, but always double check and make sure you have one. Also, always check all the inventory of your camper before you leave.

All travel documents will be send by us via the email.