Visa information for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland:
Click here for more information, regarding the required travel documents.

Public Holidays in South Africa:
Click here for more information on public holidays in South Africa. Camper South Africa is closed on public holidays and can only be reached in case of emergency.

STOP Rhino Poaching:
South Africa's Rhinos are in crisis. Support the rhino! Click here on how to support them.

Volunteer Work:
Khaya Volunteer Projects South Africa. Affordable and unique volunteer projects in South africa. Khaya offers projects focused on animals, nature, sports, community and children.

This organization has been active for many years and supports unprivileged children in a responsible manner.

Campsites for campers:
Click here for a list of  campsites you would like to book. We can make the "proposal' for you.

Dream Catcher:
This project is involved in helping the township residents to get their lives back in order.