GPS / Phones


You can rent a GPS or satellite telephone in combination with your car or (4 x 4) camper rental at attractive rates.

At our car suppliers a GPS costs about R 80 to R 90 per day (deposit: around R 1.000). When you decide to book a (4 x 4) camper a GPS costs about R 40 to R 60 per day (deposit: around R 1.500).

If  you already have your own GPS you have to make sure you have South African maps on it. You can download those at your GPS supplier. Especially during longer trips this will be worthwhile. Additional maps for South(ern) Africa at Tom Tom are for example around € 100.

A very good GPS and GPS maps is Tracks4Africa.

Garmin GPSMAP62 including Tracks4Africa software. This is small navigation system especially designed for trips "off the beaten track". It is equipped with a highly sensitive SiRF GPS which means you almost always have signal while on the road. The price is about € 5 per day (deposit: € 150).

Tracks4Africa overland navigator

The app is suitable for your Ipad/Iphone (however, the Ipad must have a GPS module) and includes coverage for Southern and Eastern Africa. The app is an "offline app" which means once it is installed on your device, no internet connection is required to use it. Internet while travelling is not necessary!

The Tracks4Africa has the largest campsite database of Africa. Along the way you have the opportunity to find accommodation (prices, contact details, amenities etc. are described) and calculate the distance between the different locations.

The app can be purchased in iTunes. The current price is about US$ 99 (prices may vary in different countries) and is a one time purchase. Once installed, you can use the app at all times.

Please note: In South Africa is it common to mention the number first and then the street name. When you book accommodation and campsites via us you will receive the directions as provided by the establishment itself.

If you enjoy travelling with more than a GPS to Botswana, you can order an updated Botswana Paper Map here.


In South Africa almost everyone has a cell phone. You might need to phone the accommodation beforehand or at the entrance gate in order to open the gate. It this situations it would be very handy to have a mobile phone at your disposal. But even if you get unexpected breakdown and/or need help.

In most cases your own cell phone will work in South Africa (depending on the provider). However, the costs are quite high. You pay the costs to and from the Netherlands. Depending on your phone provider this reach up to about € 2 per minute.

While in South(ern) Africa you can also buy a SIM card yourself and put credit on it. At the airport and in many available phone stores (such as MTN, Vodacome, Cell C and Telkom) you can buy a SIM card and credit/data. At for example, the Pick N Pay supermarket  you can buy airtime (credit). 

Satellite telephone

If you are travelling with a (4 x 4) camper to neighbouring countries then it is possible to rent a satellite telephone. The rent is approximately € 11 per day.

The satellite phone comes with a SIM card where you can choose from a prepaid package with 30, 50, 100 or 200 minutes. You will make a selection for the amount of minutes in advance. If you do not use all minutes, it is unfortunate not possible to refund these minutes. If you use more minutes than your package the additional minutes will be calculated when you hand in the phone (at the same rate, per minute). Receiving calls is free or charge.

If you would like to use this service please send us an email.


Within South Africa a lot of internet places (or Wi-Fi hotspots) can be found, especially in the major cities. Most accommodations also offer internet to their clients (for free or at an additional fee). We recommend you ask at the reception for possibilities.

There are also a lot of areas within South (earn) Africa, for example in the Game Parks, where is no signal (neither with your mobile phone). Often on these locations a satellite connection can be found at the accommodation. It is also possible to rent your own satellite phone. Please contact us for more information.

When you decide to bring your own laptop a Vodacom or MTN dongle with sim card can be purchased. You can charge this card with airtime or data.

You can also decide to buy a dongle in the Netherlands. When you arrive in South Africa you can buy a local sim card and charge the card with airtime and/or data.

The maximum speed is 3GB. The speed is therefore remarkable slower than in Europe.

An IPad or IPhone has its own USB connection for a dongle or the possibility to work with a local sim card.

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