Exchange rate

The rate of the South African Rand against the Euro changes on a regular basis.

Traditional travel agencies take the price on the date that the calculations have been made. This is usually the date that the brochures have been printed or the website loaded. They take a safe exchange rate for them. If this price seems very different (and negative for them) in a later stage they can charge you extra for this.

This disadvantage you don't have when you book with us, unless there is an extreme price difference between the moment of booking and the departure date. The current daily rate is determined and calculated in Euros and published on our website.

Banks operate on a "buy and sell" exchange rate. The published rate is the average of this "buy and sell" rate. At the time you make the payment you will get the most unfavorable rate. This rate is most of the time higher than 1,5% on the published rate.