Etoll in Gauteng

In the Gauteng Province there is since December 2013 a new toll system in use: E-toll. E-toll is an electronic toll system where drivers do not have to stop at a toll plaza, but automatically pay tolls when they drive under a toll gate. You will find these toll gates between Pretoria and Johannesburg (in dark they shine a purple light). All cars that use these highways are required to have a e-tag (a chip). The e-tag detects when the car drives under a toll gate and the money is debited from your bank account at the end of the month or via a pre-paid system whereby the driver puts money on his e-tag.

When you use these road with a rental car or (4 x 4) camper you are required to pay E-toll. Your vehicle must be equipped with an e-tag and you will hear a beep when you pass the electronic toll. The maximum amount that a driver will need to pay is fixed at R 450 per month. Most camper suppliers charge about R 150. When it is more they deduct this from your creditcard after the rental is finished. You only need to pay when you use these roads. Most car rental companies add this amount to your deposit and pay the remaining amount back.