In the media you often find several discounts on holidays. Last minute bookings, early booking discounts, group discounts etc. etc.

Camper South Africa offers the lowest price possible. The discounts are already included in our prices. When a trip has been tailor made we use our special purchase rates. There are no additonal discounts needed to achieve the lowest price level.

We let you benefit from our special purchase rates - without having to make a concession to the quality - through our unique corporate structure.
For example, we don't charge any booking fees or administration costs if you book your (4 x 4) camper with us. We work directly with you and the suppliers. Our sales team is based in South Africa where the cost of labor etc. is lower than in the Netherlands.

Our prices will be lower than our colleagues. If you book directly with the camper supplier, you will pay the cusumer prices. If you book via us you can profit from our good purchase rates.

In addition, you have the advantage of SGR. In case a particular supplier / accommodation etc. would go bankrupt,  you will get your money back. No financial risks!

Our sales office is located in South Africa. In case of emergency we can assist you day and night. Because we work with a team based in South Africa we can only work as cheap as possible, but you are also assured of qualified staff who know the country well.

We only use the internet and have no expensive travel guides, no expensive travel documents etc. .. which means lower costs, environmental friendly and of course what is most important for you: Lower prices!

You can contact us via our Dutch, Belgium or South African landline and you will pay regular local costs. See our contact information. We also have Skype.

You book directly with us - without going through travel agents. The direct way of working with suppliers saves time and money.

Finally, we have a Dutch and South African bank account. No risk with credit card payments over the internet and not creditcard fees.

In short: we use the advantage of current technology - you always benefit of the lowest price with the highest quality!