4 x 4 Self drive safari

Why should you choose for a 4 x 4 self drive to South(ern) Africa? Here you will find 10 reasons to go with 4 x 4 self drive as your travel choice!

1. Flexibility - in most cases prior booking is not essential as you always have the option to camp on the vehicle.

We recommend in high season you book campsites in advance (especially National Parks) to avoid dissapointment. Off season most campsites have availability and booking is not required.

2. Affordable - the 4 x 4 camper becomes your accommodation and transport and offers excellent value.

Campsites in South(ern) Africa are in general lower in comparison with many other countries in the world.

3. Unlimited travel - access to (almost) all areas, some of the best campsites are only accessable by 4x4.

4. Better game viewing - high clearance improves visability for game viewing and photography.

5. Complete experience - you see more when driving the roads and get a better feel for the countries.

6. Explore - 4 x 4 self drive is a must for the more adventurous traveller!

7. Sounds of the bush - while in the safety of your roof tent(s), the canvas does not block all the sounds of nature. It's really out in the wild!

8. Close encounters - there is something special about sharing your campsite with a pride of Lions in one of the many unfenced campsites in the African Parks.

9. Comfort - not only the built in mattresses and good vehicles, you have the comfort of knowing our team is always a call away!

10. A complete getaway - leave the hectic city life behind and venture into the peace and tranquility of nature.


Lots of travellers are wondering if it is safe to self drive in South(ern) Africa. Here is the answer!

Over the year many people have travelled in one of our 4 x 4 vehicles and noe one has been subjected to any type of violent crime or similar dangeous situation. No animal attacks leading to any injury. There is no doubt that with the usual precautions taken that self drive in South(ern) Africa is a safe way to travel.

The following will reduce the chances of problems:

1. We ensure a very well prepared and maintained vehicle

2. Drive safely - build in more safety margin and keep below speed limits, 4 x 4 camp vehicles are different to driving standard cars.

3. Satelite phone may be recommended when travelling to remote areas (for example Namibia) and in one vehicle only. Mobile networks are far better in Africa but there are many parks where you will not get network signal.

4. Respect wildlife and keep your distance - do not walk around at night and be generally aware and cautious in game parks especially when out of the vehicle. Never approach animals on foot and obey park regulations.

5. Be aware that in some areas there are crime elements. Generally keep to designated campsites. Ask us for advise about campsites.


When you are travelling to South(ern) Africa you want to discover by your own as much as possible. Are the National Parks and Game reserves open to self drive?

Almost every National Park is open to self drive visitors and offer the necessary facilities for self drive travellers. Many privately owned reserves are also accessable by self drive but do not offer camping facilities and often require advances bookings.


When you decided to go for a self drive ask us for more advise! When planning your self drive we would require the following information:

* Amount of time available?

* Any particular interests?

* Countries you would like to travel to?

* Campsites or level of accommodation required (amount of stars, location, facilities, budget etc.)?

Please contact us for more information or find some example 4 x 4 routes on our website: click here.